faraaz khan

ios & java developer


I am an upcoming computer science student knowledgeable in IOS and Java development. With a deep interest in computers, I strive to create innovating products for the productive use and enjoyment globally.


  • Swift (Front & Backend)
  • Java, JavaFX, C#
  • Google Cloud, Firebase, MySQL


Here are some of the projects I have completed so far.


  • Super Cooper (defunct) A top 500 application replicating the game, Flappy Bird.
  • Airbit (defunct) A paid runner mobile game developed in Swift for iOS.
  • Zurkk (defunct) A social network similar to Facebook for teenagers.
  • Catch the Ball (defunct) A free but addictive game for iOS and Android.
  • Memed (in progress) A mobile social network similar to Instagram for humorous and relatable posts aimed towards millennials. Projected to have over 10,000 daily active users by the end of 2018. Featuring data aggregation algorithms to serve targeted advertisements to users. Written completely in Swift, Java, and ran on the Google Cloud for iOS and Android.


  • Zoforo (in progress) A powerful desktop application which allows firms that provide financial services to tabulate and analyze thousands of financial statements in minutes featuring machine learning and artificial intelligence capability. This software was created in Java and runs on the Google Cloud, allowing for dynamic functionality. Created in efforts of helping accounting and bookkeeping firms save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on bookkeepers. Licensed directly to both accounting and bookkeeping firms in NJ.


  • Islamic Resorts (completed) A hotel booking platform catering to Muslims. Build with Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.


If you would like to have some work done or just want to contact me, feel free to email faraazkhan212 [at] gmail.com.

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