F U R I O U S   T E C H N O L O G I E S

Furious & Co is a tech company founded by Faraaz Khan that holds a diverse set of subsidiaries.


Furious has a portfolio of subsidiaries that are engaged in several diverse business activities, including media, finance, real estate, telecommunication, and e-commerce. Furious is at the heart of all of Faraaz's ventures, managing each subsidiary effectively and efficiently.

Faraaz Khan has worked to legally establish the company in the state of New Jersey. At Furious, Faraaz has pitched to numerous venture capitalists, designed mobile applications, and the company website. He plans to open the first company headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.


Furious's mission is to create and host innovating products for the productive use and enjoyment globally. Its team of developers and designers attempt to disrupt industries with new ideas combined with breakthrough technology. With over three hundred thousand users on its platforms collectively, Furious is only starting and strives to complete goals beyond reach.


Furious designs, develops, and publishes various applications that span across multiple industries for both mobile and desktop. Furious's team has been able to complete complex projects and has extensive experience in:

  • iOS/Android native apps
  • React/Angular
  • Backend/API integrations
  • UI/UX design
  • Websites and mobile apps
  • Brand identity
  • Visual design
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